jueves, 15 de marzo de 2007


Dear Lord, We can easily become consumed by the challenges and daily cares we face, so much so that we may fail to see your grace and your glory. Forgive us, Lord. We ask that you would help us have a right perspective. Thank you, Lord, that even in our weaknesses, you remain strong. We can rely on you as our light and our protector. Father, we pray especially for Agustina - Tomàs - Sofìa y todos los niños del mundo today. We ask that you would be his/her protector at all times, especially when we cannot be with him/her. We thank you, Lord, that as we are faithful to do what is right, that you will not withhold good things from us.In Jesus’ Name. Amen

Autonomìa ... avanzamos y seguimos trabajando

Cuànto hemos trabajado la autonomìa!! Y lo que nos falta!. Porque, como siempre digo... no es autònomo el que se sabe atar los cordones o el...